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Imagine listening to the heartbeat of the first child you will deliver as a doctor?
Imagine coming out of the ICU telling them their loved one is safe and out of danger?

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"Getting into medical school is important but surviving the career beyond is critical"


We at Saint Paul University School of Medicine Regional Admissions Office have only one mission in mind: Be an instrument in the making of a Good Doctor

We believe that Saint Paul University Philippines is the right university imbued with principles for the making of good physicians that will leave a legacy in the society! It stands amongst all other medical schools in the Philippines in that being a Christ-centered service institution; it is dedicated to the holistic development of their graduates: a Competent and Committed graduate, one equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and values demanded of his profession and committed to the application of these for service to the community; and a Responsible Citizen, one with an awareness of his relations with, and responsibilities to the local and global society and commitment to its improvement through the exercise of professional competence and dedication. With years’ of experience in all aspects of Philippine medical education, we will guide you in making the right decision through our comprehensive counselling and professional facilitation. Our professionally trained, certified and dynamic team of educational counsellors delivers accurate up-to-date information about the university and all aspects related to admissions. We guarantee you an honest service.

So What sets us apart from the CROWD :
  • WE ARE NOT A CONSULTANCY. University rules are our rules! You can count on our transparency in all the dealings;
  • We provide accurate information about fees. No hidden charges;
  • Our student-applicants are thoroughly screened for us to assess if they indeed are fit for medical education; Simply put: we don’t go by QUANTITY, we are for QUALITY;
  • We are committed to giving you the BEST MEDICAL EDUCATION from the BEST UNIVERSITY; we put in mind that in every aspiring medical student, NOT only the DREAMS of the child but also the HOPES of the parents are at stake.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of other.” – Mahatma Gandhi